Best WordPress Themes for Restaurant Websites and SEO Rankings

If you are running a restaurant, having a great website design is important. While making sure that you are serving good food will always be the primary goal of your restaurant, having a sleek website design can help your restaurant attract more customers. An optimized website allows your customers to make reservations online, which enhances the dining experience. Luckily, there are many different WordPress themes for you to choose from, so you can find one that suits the needs of your restaurant. Here is a look at some of the top restaurant WordPress themes.


Belise is a customizable theme that works perfectly with pubs, bistros, and restaurant. This theme has a simple appearance that will help your menu stand out. It’s also flexible enough to assist with any vision that you might have for your restaurant’s layout. Belise has many different font, background, and color options to choose from, as well as a built-in menu, and a calendar where you can add an events page to keep your customers up-to-date on any recent news.


Garnish’s primary feature is its creative slider design. Every slide moves up and down to make way for the next sliders. This theme has lots of unique colors and a bar that shows the user how much their order will cost. Some of Garnish’s other features include Slider Revolution, Visual Composer, and Soliloquy.

The Flavour

The Flavour is a fully customizable WordPress theme. You have the option of changing colors, backgrounds, and much more with just a few clicks. You can see reservation requests directly from your WordPress admin or use your dashboard to interact with your customers. This theme came highly recommended by local Austin SEO firm.   These guys can not only help you with customized WordPress solutions, but they can help your restaurant site rank on Google too.

Having a great website can help you showcase your restaurant online.
Having a great website can help you showcase your restaurant online.


Luigi exemplifies class. You can receive extra functionality through some plugins from the WordPress repository. Luigi has a color palette that allows you to change the text colors and background. You can add different Google Fonts, and the page builder allows you to add features such as Google Maps to your website. Luigi lets you showcase your menu, and you can add different features, such as a call to action and customer testimonials through various plugins.


Savory emphasizes appearance the theme offers more than ten different home pages that can choose from, all with the purpose of showcasing your menu and attracting more customers. Savory offers plenty of short codes and different options for headers and footers. You even can promote your social media accounts.

The Spot

The Spot has a large full-size background image, which is helpful if you would like to showcase a particular photo or one of your best dishes. This featured image gives you a great chance to quickly capture the attention of your customers. Spot’s theme also comes with a reservation system, menu template, and a fully reserved contact page.


Sage has over 30 restaurant demos that you can install and uses imagery to help you entice customers to dine at your restaurant. This favorite app also allows you to choose from more than 15 different menu pages to help you create the best menu for your restaurant and showcase your best dishes.


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