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Hatch Chile Cheeseburgers from The New Southwest

Labor Day weekend is usually filled with last trips to the beach and pool, a parade of block parties and backyard shindigs, and dazzling fireworks. But as Hatch chile diehards are well-aware, it is also peak chile season! Get the best of both worlds this holiday weekend with Hatch Chile

Where to Eat

Vegetarian menu at Uchiko

Uchiko will continue to celebrate all things vegetarian by launching a monthly vegetarian night on the third Monday of every month.  Starting September 15, the restaurant will offer a menu completely devoted to vegetarian specials. Ranging from veggie nigiri ($2) to the full tasting menu, there will be something to entice even the


Sonoma Valley Bike Tours Offer an Intimate Vineyard Tour Experience

By: Trish Wesevich Several years ago, I participated in a Napa Valley Bike Tour afternoon and it turned into my favorite way to explore the popular wine country.  This time, because I had never been to Sonoma, I asked Kellie Macway of Napa Valley Bike Tours to set me up